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I first started doing wedding videos in 1989. 20+ years later I now enjoy both advances in video production technology and a homebase on Maui (1998) where the scenary is breathtaking and the weather generally perfect. Its a thrill to play a major role in the capturing of the event of a lifetime and I have the real life experience to deliver highly professional imagery and audio. I've been a musician and recording engineer throughout my career, so when a piece of music needs to be shortened or lengthened I'm able to do that seamlessly. I also work with several professional photographers who offer comprehensive packages that include video (me).

I shoot with the Professional Sony line of HD cameras including the HVR-Z1U and HVR-Z7U providing stunning image and color quality. I also offer a variety of micing options. Your custom DVD includes the fully edited raw video, easy-to-navigate chapters and a finely edited highlights music video.

Rates, Testimonials & Audio Support Services below the Samples

Samples of my work (for HD, press play button, pause, change to 720p, let load, then play)


All of my video packages are edited. The final product includes all of the raw video I shoot minus what the camera catches when I'm doing a quick transition (or anything that might be embarrassing, such as an inappropriate comment - hey, it happens :-) All video packages also include a 3-4 minute hightlights video over your favorite music. Wireless audio gear and creative camera operation will insure that the full story of your wedding day is captured forever. Expect a fully edited presentation on DVD ready to play on your computer or compatible DVD player complete with music, chapters, scene transitions (as appropriate), and still picture integration (if requested). Uploading to YouTube is an option provided it does not violate copyright restrictions. Multiple cameras or additional hours can be added at $200/hr. I am full insured.

$695. This ONE HOUR package. I arrive a 45 minutes before the ceremony to capture some scenery and candid guest shots, wire the groom, minister and musician and ready to capture the full ceremony and some after cermony shots with photographer. Multiple cameras or additional hours can be added at $200/hr. Additional audio support (P/A and multitrack recorder/mixer) is also available (additional fee).

$1295. This TWO HOUR video package allows enough time for some pre-wedding preparation video with the bride, video of the ceremony, some guest interviews, post wedding video and a romantic series with the bride and groom. The two hour package usually allows enough time to capture the cake cutting and toast as well. Multiple cameras or additional hours can be added at $200/hr. Additional audio support (P/A and multitrack recorder/mixer) is also available (additional fee).

* Additional DVD's are $15 each plus shipping.

* Add $110 for files delivered on a portable hard drive supplied by me.

Audio Support

PA System 1: BOZE L1 (super clean audio) with Zoom R16 mixer allows simultaneous recording of up to 8 live sources. Good for audience up to 50 people. $175 for 1st hour. $125 per additional hour.

PA System 2: BOZE L1 + 2 x 15" JBL EON Speakers on stands, includes; 12 channel Mackie board (or Zoom R16 if recording multiple musicians), CD source and/or smartphone connection - $250 for 1st hour. $175 per additional hour.

Options: mics and stands, digital recording services


"I am so impressed! In tears and so happy... You did a fabulous job. We both really really enjoyed that. You captured what Jeff and I love most about each other.... our sillyness and humor.  Thank you so much!  It's beautiful." -- Shannon & Jeff (Photographer/Coordinator: Maui Weddngs From The Heart)

"We [] discussed the appropriate music for the video but I trusted Keith so I gave him 'carte blanche' to do his work. I cried happy tears when I viewed his final work. I would highly recommend the 'steady cam' video. Each moment of our experience was beautifully captured and Keith supplied us with 'chapter' videos of the prelude, the bride and groom, the ceremony, our vows, the dinner and even our first dance. I believe that Greg and Keith went out of their way to provide the most stunning photographs and video I could imagine. Their exceptional service, sincerity, talent and professionalism outweighed any of our expectations!" - Shiela & Kim (Photographer/Coordinator: A Maui Beach Wedding)


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