Production Management
Script Writing
Audience Strategies

Steadicam Pilot Operator
Wireless Audio
Talent Direction
Lighting Support
Post Design
Avid/Final Cut Pro
Custom or Library Music

Key to Samples Below: m=produced, c=camera, p=post (editing) - click video thumbnail twice to control scale

Green Screen (recorded live) (m,c,p)
Lyric Video (m,p)
Retreat Industry (m,c,p)
<iframe width="254" height="177" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/gvmX7Ut4Kho?rel=0&amp;controls=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Pukalani Golf Club (c,p)
MAPA Moment #3 (m,c,p)
MAPA Moment #12 (m,c,p)
Vacation Tour Industry (p)
Retail Promotion (c,p)
Steadicam Wedding (m,c,p)
Workshop/Training (m,c,p)
Documentary (m,c,p)
Spontaneous Performance (m,c,p)

Video Producer With An Ear For Audio

Maui Video Producer With An Ear For Audio

HD Quality + Steadicam Stability
I shoot with the Professional Sony line of HDV 1080i/p cameras including the HVR-Z1U and HVR-Z7U providing stunning image and color quality on an island that never fails to deliver beautiful scenery. Image stability is standard utilizing full fluid head tripods and sliders. On the matter of post production, I've been using the industry standard, Avid Media Composer, since 1992.

Web Movies
The negligible cost of delivering your message via streaming internet media combined with the ability to connect to the heart of your audience makes video a brilliant choice for everyone. I began my formal education in 16mm film production at Southern Methodist University in 1975 and have over 3 decades of video production experience to contribute to your production(s).

Video Songs
MTV style lip-sync videos are passé. "Video songs," made popular by 1 Giant Leap, the Playing For Change project, and Pomplamoose, represent an entertaining way to see and experience music being created LIVE from the inside out.

Does your live event need two, three or four matching HD Sony cameras? We've got you covered.

Voice Over
Over the years I've coached hundreds of clients through the sometimes arduous task of recording a scripted or extemporaneous vocal recording. I have a heightened understanding of tone, inflection, pacing and authenticity, essential elements that are key to delivering your message.

Website Integration
The best person to work with your webmaster for seamless integration of your videos on your website is a fellow webmaster. I've designed this and many other websites which assures that your video "works" in the context of streaming video, ie., YouTube, Vimeo, etc...

If all of the money in the world suddenly evaporated, I'd still make videos just for the love of it. Until that time, my rates are competitive, reasonable, and the funds go to a worthy cause :-) Rate Card

email: keith@keithranney.com
Phone: (808) 276-1366

Keith Ranney Solutions Homepage

Keith Ranney Solutions Homepage