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Somatic Awareness

We've all been issued one "earthsuit" for our exploration of planet earth. My personal healing journey led me to the instruction manual that quickly resolved the pain and limited function caused by overuse, misuse and habitual protective patterns as I navigated through gravity as best I could.

The book that describes this work is called SOMATICS: Reawakening the Mind's Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health by Thomas Hanna

I spent much of my youth high-diving from springboards, 10 meter diving platforms, bridges, cliffs, balconies, rooftops, boat decks, etc. As I approached midlife, I was suddenly plagued with debilitating pains in my neck and shoulder. Duh?!

A neurosurgeon in Bellevue, Washington offered a good deal on an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. No thanks. I might actually like to see something on my left without having to turn my whole body.

My healing journey took me to Hawaii, Eqypt, Canada, back to Maui, and then to Novato, California, where I was taught by the amazing staff that certifies Hanna Somatic Educators.

As they say in Hawai`i, this is "da kine"!

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Keith Ranney - Somatic Awareness Coach


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Keith Ranney is a certified
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